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  • Basic Services

 1.  Programming

 2.  Schematic Design

 3.  Design Development

 4.  Construction Documents​

  • Additional Services

1.  Record drawings of existing building​

2.  Electrical schematics (included in Basic Services for Single family residential)

3.  Cabinet elevations and interior design​

4. Bidding-Negotiation-Price Discusssion

5.  Construction Administration

  • Sustainable design strategies and concepts are applied wherever possible

  • The Building Image Modeling (BIM) is an effective and essential design and communication tool and is included in Basic Services.


Construction Management  


  • Bidding negotiation and contractor selection

  • Expedite permitting process with government agencies

  • Resolving conflicts and discrepancies during construction

  • Review construction drawings, specifications and shop drawings for contract compliance

  • Material research, cost estimate and construction scheduling

Construction Defect Consultation


  • Building forensic inspections and Reports

  • Remedial design and construction documents - drawings and specifications

  • Water intrusion problems of building envelopes and foundations

  • Building code violations 

  • ADA and accessibility compliances

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